Housing Initiative

The KACS Housing Initiative program is planning for the first affordable housing units in mid-2024.

KACS Housing Initiative

Affordable housing creates opportunity

KACS is poised to become a developer of affordable housing in Southern Chester County by gaining the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) designation. This designation empowers KACS to economically invest in residential properties in Chester County that will become permanent, sustainable, affordable rental options for low-income families. This longer-term solution is a strong fit with KACS’ mission and vision, in which low-wage-earning neighbors of all ages can live good lives.

Chester County Housing Statistics:
Residents – 534,413
Median Household Income – $117,232
Average Rent for 2 Bedroom Apartment – $1,737
Households in Poverty (fall below the federal poverty threshold) – 6.05%
Households in ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) – 24%

KACS Housing Initiative program is the logical next step in the effort to end homelessness. KACS is an active member of Chester County Partnership to End Homelessness and the Southern Chester County Opportunity Network (SCCON), ensuring that the acquisitions and renovation projects we undertake will be part of a broader, community-wide plan to create affordable housing. KACS is excited to lead the way toward this longer-term, proactive solution to the housing shortage.

Of course, the most significant impact we hope to achieve is to make Southern Chester County a place where families of all income levels can live sustainably. Low-income adults work many essential positions in our community and deserve to live where they work, in safe and comfortable housing. Our goal is to create housing so that families in poverty or in the ALICE category can access housing at a rent they can sustain over the long term (no more than 30% of their household income).

With the CHDO designation, KACS Housing Initiative program is ready to become a substantial part of the housing solution. KACS will be able to secure state funding both for renovations and other capital expenses related to the property intended to become affordable housing for low- to moderate-income households, and for staff salary support to oversee KACS Housing Initiative Program efforts.

KACS Housing Initiative

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