Don't settle for homelessness

Together, we can end poverty

Don't settle for homelessness

​Don’t Settle For Homelessness is an initiative created by Kennett Area Community Service (KACS) to help eradicate homelessness. Low-income individuals and families deserve a safe, affordable place to call home. Our low-income neighbors include people who provide essential services and keep our lives running smoothly; retail staff, personal care providers, landscape and lawn workers, restaurant staff, etc. We, the community of Southern Chester County, must come together to create fair, equitable access to housing, thus ensuring a healthier quality of life for households of all incomes.

Participating real estate agents have the opportunity to donate a portion of their commission to KACS. Donations will be used to support the Kennett Area Community Service programs that provide emergency assistance and affordable housing to our neighbors in need.



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Beacon of Hope Candle

This candle was created by KACS in collaboration with Candle Studio 1422 to help shine a light on National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day.
Scents of dark amber rosewood, white sage and a hint of lavender come together to make it the perfect purchase for your home, gifts for family and friends, or a housewarming present for new homeowners. With every candle purchased, you support the mission of KACS to end homelessness.

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Beacon of Hope Candle — $20.00

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