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The Team

Leah M. Reynolds, M.S.P.L.

Executive Director
Leah Reynolds took on the role of Executive Director of KACS in July 2019. She holds a Master of Science in Professional Leadership with a focus on non-profits and a B.A. in Legal Studies. Leah has more than 25 years of successful experience leading both small and complex nonprofit organizations, developing initiatives that have led to transformative change. She has also been a life-long volunteer assisting people in recovery from addiction and those facing issues of poverty. Her passion is to create collaborative relationships in order to build up communities so they, in turn, can build up the people in them. This has been a career as well as personal pursuit.

Kecia Crowl

Communications & Engagement Director
Kecia Crowl joined the KACS Team in June 2022. As the Communications & Engagement Director, she is responsible for developing and executing clear marketing, communication, and community engagement strategies to increase KACS visibility. Kecia has worked with other non-profit organizations including the Kennett Library, Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Delaware Community Foundation, and Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society.

Cheryl R. Miles

Community Housing Development Director
Cheryl R. Miles MSW joined the KACS Team in Oct 2022. As the Community Housing Development Director, she assists the management team in developing, planning, organizing, and directing activities associated with KACS’s CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization). Cheryl has worked in the social service field at different levels for many years serving the most vulnerable population. She also serves on The Fund for Women and Girls of Chester County Board of Directors, Chester County Community Collaborative Board of Directors, Chester County Bridging Coalition, and Black Women of Chester County in Action.

Stephanie Sullivan

Development Director
Stephanie joined the KACS Team in December of 2022. As the Development Director, she is responsible for raising funds to enhance KACS’s long term impact. She holds a Master in Public Administration, with a focus on nonprofit management, a Master in Education, and a B.A. in history. She has worked at other non-profit organizations including Wilmington Friends School, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, and Pacem in Terris. She is eager to hear from supporters of KACS about ways they envision enhancing KACS’s mission.

Clark Davis

Community Education Director
Clark joined KACS February of 2023 as the Bridges out of Poverty Program Director. He is responsible for overseeing and facilitating programs under the Bridges out of Poverty model like Getting Ahead, Staying Ahead and Financial Empowerment. Before working at KACS, he worked for four years as a bilingual caseworker and program coordinator in Southern Chester County and taught high school Spanish for seven years in Delaware. Clark has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Spanish Language and Literatures from the University of Delaware.

Roger Lynch

Finance Director
Roger joined KACS in May 2023 with over a decade of experience in tax, audit and financial consulting. As the Finance Director he brings his expertise in financial planning, analysis, and strategy to ensure the efficient and effective allocation of resources. Roger firmly believes in the power of financial stewardship to drive social change and improve the lives of vulnerable communities. Roger started volunteering in the Food Cupboard in March 2022 and is currently an active volunteer. He is also a volunteer and board member with Citizen's Advocacy of Chester County.

Janet Zeis

Community Partnership Director
Janet Zeis joined the KACS Team in October 2023. As the Community Partnerships Director, she is responsible for identifying, cultivating, and strengthening partnerships to increase food sovereignty and reduce waste. Janet has strong ties to Chester County where she continues to thrive working on innovative projects and initiatives.

Elizabeth Flores

Program Director
Elizabeth joined the KACS team in October 2017 as the Housing Stability Case Manager. She then transitioned to conducting intakes and working with individuals and families who are experiencing early stages of instability, assisting with rental, utility, and other types of assistance that may be needed. In January, 2024, she was promoted to Program Director. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s of Social Work from LaSalle University and has experience in supporting families and individuals in crisis, with a concentration on immigrant families.

Nancy Tapia

Participant Advocate Administrator
Nancy joined the KACS staff in 2017 and is bilingual. As Participant Advocate in the Food Cupboard, Nancy is responsible for participant registrations and communications, as well as data collection and the assessment of participant needs. Nancy also assists the Emergency Assistance Program through referrals and support as well as KACS public relations efforts. ​

Sheila Eames

Sheila joined KACS in April 2021 as the Bookkeeper. Sheila has 20+ years of experience in all functions of bookkeeping and accounting. Sheila will make sure KACS maintains its tax-exempt status, keep track of funding and make sure we’re compliant with ever-changing regulations. She is committed to helping KACS use the donations we receive to make the biggest possible impact. ​

Lily Rodriguez

Systems Administrator
Lily joined KACS in October of 2020 in a temporary, part-time role. In August 2021 she became the Information Management Specialist and in 2023 she was promoted to Systems Administrator. Lily's work focuses on data across various software solutions. She studied Information Technology at Pierce College and is currently pursuing an Accounting Degree at Wilmington University.

Shannon Waterkotte

Administrative Assistant
Shannon joined KACS in May of 2023 as the Administrative Assistant. Before joining KACS, she worked at Johnson & Johnson, Chatham Financial, and with a local real estate group, where she gained experience in operations, training, marketing, and regulatory reporting. Shannon’s role is focused on supporting the operations, people, and overall mission of KACS as they serve the needs of the community. She attended the Honors College at West Chester University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Cultures in French, as well as minors in Communication Studies

Gonzalo Cano

Emergency Assistance Advocate
Gonzalo joined KACS in December 2017 as a bilingual Emergency Assistance Case Manager. Gonzalo works with individuals and families who are experiencing early stages of instability, assisting with rental, utility and other types of assistance that may be needed.

Margie Merced

Emergency Assistance Advocate
Margie joined KACS in January 2022 as an Emergency Assistance Case Manager. Originally from New York City, she received her Bachelor of Science in Human Services from the University of Phoenix and settled in Delaware in 2007. Margie will use her experience and passion for helping others as she works with individuals and families experiencing the highest level of crisis.

Rocio Jaimes Cruz

Emergency Assistance Advocate
Rocio joined KACS in January 2023 as a Bilingual Emergency Assistance Advocate, working with individuals and families experiencing the highest level of housing crisis. Rocio received her Bachelors of Science in Public Health with a track in Behavioral and Mental Health from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Rocio has experience working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness and individuals experiencing housing crisis in Chester County.

Yvonne Rodriguez

Data Entry Clerk
Yvonne joined KACS in June of 2022 as a fulltime data entry clerk. She spent 24 years in social work, although she took a hiatus to pursue personal goals, her heart remains in the service of community.

Delaney Marin-Tapia

Emergency Assistance Program Assistant
Delaney joined KACS as a volunteer and then an intern via the Garage Community and Youth Center's Career Compass program in March 2020. Delaney has assisted the Food Cupboard and began working with the Emergency Assistance team as a bilingual administrative assistant, providing support with the multitude of weekly requests KACS receives. Delaney is a 2020 graduate of Kennett High School and is currently enrolled at West Chester University.